About Monique Williams- Johns, CEO

A Helping Hand – nonprofit that serves seniors, youth, veterans, the homeless, and families in need with food, housing, men & women in shelters, job placement, and career development. Every year A Helping Hand adopts over 400-500 families for Christmas and delivers 350 Thanksgiving meals to Seniors & those with disabilities.

Living Outside the Walls – this organization helps ex-offenders assimilate themselves back into their families and communities. She conducts workshops inside the prison to help inmates discover Who they are, through Leadership & Forgiveness. This helps them manage their current situation.

Co-founder of the Dream Leadership Institute- which provides workshops and life skills development courses for middle school, and high school students.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Radio/TV with a minor in communications. Her life’s work has been spent serving the people in the community. She is an entrepreneur that manages several businesses. PastorMo is also a Developer of People, Places, and Things.

She can be seen on all social media platforms providing words of encouragement on family, life, and business. Her weekly broadcasts are Whatcha Cooking with LadyMo, Miracle Mondays, 4Married Women Only, and The Relationship Drs which she and her husband have an open and transparent dialogue with couples married & single about building together by unplugging your emotions.

Monique believes that the number one key to success in life is “Knowing Who You Are.”Knowing who you are is everything. It is the key to dominating circumstances, situations, and contradictions that occur in your life.

She is a mother of four children Gabriella, a graduate of Hofstra University, and 3 current college students Timothy (TJ), Vincenzia, and Giovanna. Monique is a devoted mother who is driven to provide a platform for her children to excel in every area of their lives. Married to Dr. Timothy W. Johns for 27 years. She is a co-founder of Heavens’ Ministries along with her husband. She is the author of the books called, NO MORE DRAMA IN MY LIFE, Don’t Marry Potential Marry Purpose, 31- Days of Speaking Life, and Speak to the King; Minister to the Boy. Monique has spent her entire life serving people. She is a community woman who always has been a VOICE for the people. 

Her heart desires to see women reach their full potential in life, by FOCUS! FOCUS! FOCUS!